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Clayton, Oklahoma

Clayton, Oklahoma

Clayton, Oklahoma is one of the premier Jeep sites in the USA.

Clayton, Oklahoma is the place to go crawling. If you like big rocks, big ledges, creek runs, almost impossible trails - This is the spot.

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  •   $20 per day
Clayton - Airstrip Entrance

Clayton – Airstrip Entrance

Clayton, Oklahoma is the place to go crawling.  If you like big rocks, big ledges, creek runs, and some almost impossible trails – This is the spot. There are not any amenities at the trail head site but the town of Clayton, Oklahoma is less than 5 minutes away.  There really doesnt need to be much ‘onsite’ because you can go from your motel to a dollar store for extra socks to a restaurant or get pizza and then gas all in about the space of 1 mile.  No the town of Clayton is not that big. But it has enough to make this a prime wheeling spot for those in the know. The most popular spot for the wheeling crowd to stay at is the A&A Motel. They have a strip of rooms leading down to a parking and bonfire / picnic area.  There are also a few rooms across the street in ‘The Annex’. Look for the A&A coupon in our upcoming guide.

'The Airstrip' at Clayton, Oklahoma

‘The Airstrip’ at Clayton, Oklahoma

Start out on the airstrip and pick your poison. At the main house there is a cash box. $20/day is the going rate right now. Then a little further up to the left or right trails lead off in both directions. To the left is a pretty good little hill climb trail called ‘Just another trail’. To the right is the bottom of ‘Jeff’s Ledges’. From there you can get to an assortment of trails and no they dont get any easier… hehe. Night wheeling is allowed and encouraged at Clayton. The trails are all new in the dark!

Night wheeling up on Green Mambo

Night wheeling up on Green Mambo

Camping is allowed on the ‘Airstrip’. The airstrip is just the long open area from the gate house to the last drop in for Jeff’s Ledges. I would recommend camping behind the house and as far from the path as you can.  This is the way in and out so it gets a lot of traffic. Hence the name.

Clayton is for built rigs.  Trails are rated 3-5 and OH MY GOD! You wont find stock rigs making it very far. If you are lucky there might be a bypass. Sometimes the bypass is the obstacle. Bring a winch and bring some buddies. You are gonna need them!  There are some logging roads around the outskirts but even these can get a little hairy.

You will find some unique rocks in Clayton. They have a crosshatch of metal running through them almost like they were man made. Some people say these cut your tires to shreds and will easily puncture a sidewall. I personally have not had that problem nor others in our group. There is plenty of stuff to wreck a tire but I have not seen these rocks do it all by themselves.

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